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My name is Sarah Philipson, I am Associate Professor Emerita from the University of Gävle, Sweden. I live in France. I am what is called here an autoentrepreneur, listed with an official registration number.

I have 23 years of experience as consultant and senior executive in Scandinavian Industry and 25 years of experience as university teacher in business administration.

I have examined and/or supervised more than 500 bachelor theses and 100 master theses.

Our Services

Thesis writing

The Thesis writing course is a preparatory course for bachelor’s and master’s students in business administration.

The focus is on learning how to write the theory chapter of you thesis.

The course pedagogics has been developed, tested, and verified in 12 runs with some 500 student

You will read and review a large number of scientific articles, individually, and in group.

You will det detailed feedback, enabling you to understand what must be improved.

It is an Online course were you need to work 20 hours per week during 10 weeks. The course is in English. You need to be fluent in talking, reading, and writing in English. You must be at advanced or advanced undergraduate level in your present studies.

Personalized thesis coaching

individual y and feedback during your thesis writing

Price Thesis Writing Course

The course fee for the thesis writing course is 1000 euros, paid in advance.

The pedagogies of the course makes it necessary to have at least 4 students working together (online or in real life), preferably of the same specialization (marketing, management, accounting, etc.) 

If you recruit the three other students for your group, your course fee is reduced to only 500 euros.

Price Thesis Coaching

The course fee for thesis coaching is 1000 euros, paid in advance


I am not a university and you will not get a university degree by this course. The course will help you to write your thesis.



Many thanks for a fantastic course and your strong ambition and willingness to help. Itis evident that you are knowledgeable and know the subject. Clearly the best course... 


it is a rare opportunity to have learned under you.


I am very satisfied with the cours and Sarah's motivation to guide us when you are stuck. It is evident that she put in much time in the feedback on our papers, we got clear instructions what needs to be changed and how to write on high academic level. I have learned by my mistakes and improved with each paper, for which I am increadibly thankful. it was easy to communicate with Sarah through mail, you often got an answer in  5-10 minutes, indepently on the hour of the day,, which is much appreciated. The course had a clear structure. it was also good that we had to make opposition on each other's papers and present before the class. You also got clear instructionsfor how to improve your presentation skills. I learned skills that I can use in work life. Very good and instructive lectures that were relevant for the course.


Thank you so much for your advice, guidance and support!.


it was nice to have you as professor

Diverse anonymous comments

Best professor ever I have been taught by.

Sarah Philipson is one of the best course instructor I have ever met in gavle university. It was a very good semester with her

One of the best teacher i have ever met in my life. I learned a lot. This js really help me to develop myself in future research..... Thanks for given us a tremendous opportunity. I would like that she will take another course for us. Thanks.
The course is well structured and gives you a lot of valuable information..

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